Jochen Winker



Concept, Project Management, User Interface Design, Art Direction, Illustration

Green electricity is a product that is beginning to establish itself in a complex and competitive market. For the energy service provider NaturEnergie we developed an interactive information terminal as a trade fair exhibit.

The terminal is equipped with two screens. The screen on eye-to-eye level is used to convey information. In combination with a proximity sensor, it also ensures that the user can interact with the terminal even before the first touch. The lower monitor is a touch screen and serves as an interaction surface.

Detailed pixel-accurate graphics and coherent animations create a harmonious appearance and ensure an exciting presentation of the content. A well-thought-out structure of the content and its presentation ensure that it is enjoyable to use. The minimalist and ergonomic design of the terminal makes it easy to use and puts information in the foreground.

Naturenergie AG


September 2012
new content updates till March 2015

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