Jochen Winker

Dialogue With Time

Dialogue With Time

Project Management, User Interface Design, Art Direction, Animation

"Everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be it" - many know this saying.
But what does it mean to age? The exhibition "Dialogue with Time" deals with this question in an open manner. On behalf of "Dialog im Dunkeln" under the direction of Orna Cohen and in close cooperation with the renowned agency for exhibition design Atelier Brückner, we realized the design and implementation  of six interactive media stations for this exhibition.

Some of them bring physical and psychological limitations of old age in a playful way to live, like in the video game "Super Grandpa" which must be played with gloves and has a subtle delay that makes it difficult to play. Some are space-filling interactive data visualization that take survey results of the guided visit groups into account in real time.

The variety of the content and design of the interactive media stations gave us the opportunity to provide a wide range of services to the client. Besides pixel-perfect design we provided complex programming, video keying and sound processing.

My task was the design of all screens, the game design of "Super Grandpa", as well as the concept and animation of interactive data graphs.

The exhibition was shown until February 22, 2015, in Frankfurt am Main at the Museum of Communication. And from March 27 to August 30, 2015, at the Museum of Communication in Berlin. It was also shown in Brazil, Israel and Singapore.