Jochen Winker

Bosch Kiox


Interaction Design, User Experience

We tested Bosch e-bike computers with amateur and professional bikers to find out what aspects of the devices work well and what aspects do not. Based on this research we developed with the colleagues from Bosch eBike Systems a simplified but capable interaction concept for the new Bosch Kiox e-bike computer.



2018 - Eurobike Award


Support Modes

You can easily switch support modes of the e-bike motor like Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo and eMTB by pressing + or - on the remote.


Data Tiles

Accessible when driving or standing the data tiles provides you with useful data like your speed, heart rate, performance, remaining range, travelled distance and much more. In order to let you focus on the driving we simplified the access to these tiles by letting you switch through the screens with < and > buttons on the remote. We provided the most used screen configuration by default but you can also configure how many data tiles you want to see on each screen and what information is displayed on each tile.


Quick Menu

To control third party components or reset your tour data anytime while driving you can enter the quick menu by pressing the menu button on the remote. In the quick menu you can switch between options with < and > buttons and set values pressing + and - buttons. You can leave the quick menu and go back to the data tiles anytime by pressing the menu button again.


Settings Menu

For security reasons this is accessible only while standing. To enter the settings menu press the menu button on the left most screen of the data tiles, the status screen. In the settings menu you can navigate with + and - buttons to go up and down and go left or right with < and > buttons. Here you can configure settings like bluetooth connections, language, date and time, e-bike specifications and many more.


You can buy this e-bike computer on the Bosch Kiox product page and at specialist dealers.